Step 1 T-Mobile users should turn off the 3G feature, before unlocking their iPhone. There are somany other solutions for the unlocking iPhones but this software will provide complete unlocking of your iPhone without loss of any features and data. It is a permanent factory unlock which is the same as unlocked the iPhone 6.Dont Trust All Programs While it would be nice if all things you buy work just like theyre supposed to, that is not always the case. In a manner of speaking, it is not a sim free iPhone but just a clever use of another card that behaves like a sim but can be taken out at any time and utilized as per comfort. RIM hasn't skimped on the other features either with GPS and Wi-Fi still part of the mix along with the full Bluetooth 2. Thanks to Unlock iPhone HQ Limited, a company located in South East England, you can purchase a guaranteed unlock solution for your iPhone or iPhone 5S. Once it is unlocked, you will be able to use simcards to make phone call. Next question that automatically comes up in a person's mind is 'Why Unlock'.
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